designer, illustrator, fantasizer.


I am obsessed with observing, listening, experimenting, and most of all— creating. I love to fiddle with numbers and logic until I can get a piece of code to work just right. I cannot go a day without picking up a pen and drawing. Few things excite me more than being able to collaborate with and learn from other artists. I believe that design requires a strong sense of purpose and self-awareness and that is what I illustrate through my concepts, styling, and execution.

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+ Art Direction
+ Print Design / Prepress
+ Digital / Traditional Illustration
+ Brand Identity / Logos
+ Iconography / Infographics
+ Lettering / Typography
+ Packaging Design / Production
+ Presentations / PowerPoints
+ Environmental / POP Rendering
+ Web Design / Development
+ HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
+ Wordpress / CMS
+ Photography & Retouching
+ Conceptualizing / Marketing

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lyynks music

Logo design and identity for an upcoming online music community called Lyynks. Also includes presentation and info-graphic materials.

lyynks music
lyynks music
lyynks music
lyynks music
lyynks music
lyynks music
lyynks music

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