designer, illustrator, fantasizer.


I am obsessed with observing, listening, experimenting, and most of all— creating. I love to fiddle with numbers and logic until I can get a piece of code to work just right. I cannot go a day without picking up a pen and drawing. Few things excite me more than being able to collaborate with and learn from other artists. I believe that design requires a strong sense of purpose and self-awareness and that is what I illustrate through my concepts, styling, and execution.

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+ Art Direction
+ Print Design / Prepress
+ Digital / Traditional Illustration
+ Brand Identity / Logos
+ Iconography / Infographics
+ Lettering / Typography
+ Packaging Design / Production
+ Presentations / PowerPoints
+ Environmental / POP Rendering
+ Web Design / Development
+ HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
+ Wordpress / CMS
+ Photography & Retouching
+ Conceptualizing / Marketing

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studio pollex

collaborated on brand-driven assets for biology-minded art producer Studio Pollex. product photography was used to sell pieces and was featured on the popular blog Atlas Obscura.

studio pollex
studio pollex
studio pollex
studio pollex
studio pollex
studio pollex

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